Josh's story - Meet our family

Andy, Melissa, Lauren, Alex, and Josh. Where there once were 5, now there are 4. We lost our boy on July 7, 2014, just three and a half weeks before his 9th birthday.

Josh died of an E. coli infection, after eating contaminated grass-fed ground beef. Lauren had just turned 16 and Alex was 5 1/2. Losing Josh absolutely devastated our family and everyone who knew and loved him.

Josh was such a big personality. An old soul. A prankster. A good friend. A curious spirit. A SUPER hugger. A sweet brother. And the strongest person we've ever known.

Josh was strong-minded; stubborn even, and he paid attention to things most kids wouldn't notice. He cared deeply about a number of things that stood out in his mind as unfair.

  • HUNGER - He just couldn't wrap his head around anyone not having enough food. Why wouldn't everyone share and take care to make sure everyone had enough.
  • HOMELESSNESS - He was moved to tears talking about homelessness whenever he noticed someone living on the streets.
  • ANIMAL WELFARE - He would have adopted ALL of the dogs if we let him. And he insisted on helping with stranded dolphins on the Cape during a mass stranding event in the winter of 2012. Shortly before he passed, he completed his training and was excited to start volunteering at New England Wildlife Center.
  • THE ENVIRONMENT - Josh was so bothered by the idea that animals were being harmed and the ocean destroyed by pollution. He was happiest exploring outdoors and connecting with nature- hiking, planting in the garden, or enjoying time by the ocean.

We started Joshua Kaye Foundation to do some of the work that Josh would have done. We spread love and kindness in Joshua's memory. Joshua Kaye Foundation enables thoughtful community-based projects focused on inclusion, education, ecology, and the arts, while empowering youth to make positive changes in their community.

We are a 501c3, tax-exempt charity in Massachusetts.


Leadership & Board

Melissa Kaye, President and Executive Director

Josh’s Mom, focuses full-time on JKF in an unpaid role as Executive Director. With a background in fundraising, event planning, volunteer organizing, and business ownership, she brings valuable experience to the role. Melissa was a founding board member for Massachusetts Youth Leadership Foundation’s MassSTAR program and remains involved as an advisor. She’s also a member of the Board for Rotary Club of Braintree and Secretary on the Board of Directors at Mary Bielecki Foundation.

Melissa enjoys spending time with her family and friends, baking for Joshua’s friends, and playing with her dogs.

Andrew Kaye, Vice President

Josh’s Dad, VP Strategic Planning, World Travel Holdings. Andy has a long history of volunteerism and leadership in organizations focusing on youth empowerment. Andy was also a founding board member and continues to advise MYL Foundation. He is an active member of the community, holding volunteer positions on various committees and using his skills as a strategic analyst to guide major decisions.

Andy enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and dogs, especially on Martha's Vineyard.

Lauren Kaye

Josh’s big sister, Associate Buyer, TJX Companies

Michelle Livingston, Treasurer

Josh's Aunt. Michelle works full-time as the Director of Business Operations for Neps, Inc., a Taylor company. With a passion for service and volunteerism, Michelle focuses her efforts on JKF to keep Josh’s memory alive. Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, supporting live music performances-especially those of her two musician children, and playing with her dog.

Junior Board

Joshua’s friends, cousins, and little sister serve on our Junior Board.

  • Alex Kaye, Thayer Academy, '27
  • Ethan Tai, Stonehill College, '27
  • Owen Berry, Saint Anselm, '27
  • Gabriel Swisher Rosa, Williams College, '27
  • Julia Ormond, Dean College, '27
  • Gabriella Kim, UMASS Amherst, '27
  • Matthew Kowalski, St. Lawrence University '26
  • Eric Gu, Case Western Reserve University, '27
  • Daniel Kaye, Jackson Reed High School, '26
  • Natalie Livingston, Hart School, '21
  • Justin Livingston, Berklee College of Music, '24
  • Franky Thomson, NE Community College, '24
  • Tori Thomson, NE Community College, '26
  • Luke Fasullo, University of Arizona, '24
  • Ciara Fasullo, University of Virginia, '26
  • Eoin Fasullo, Plymouth South High School, '24
  • Addison Dion, Bourne High School, '25
  • Caden Dion, Bourne Intermediate School, '29
  • Joseph Fasullo, Dexter Southfield School, '26
  • Lindsay Kane, Norwell High School, '25

Junior Board Emeritus

  • Kendall Poulin, Norwell High School, '23
  • Mathew Myshqeri, Archbishop Williams, '23
  • Michael Wang, Sharon High School, '23
  • Aidan Kane, Berklee College of Music, '27

Advisory Board Emeritus

  • Yong Cho

Advisory Board

  • Judy Berry
  • Laura Fallon
  • Joan Howell
  • Michelle Livingston
  • Jenn Ormond
  • Patti Ryan
  • Sheryl Yezukevich
  • Tania Taranovski

JKF Ambassadors

  • Zen Abidi, UMASS Amherst, '27
  • Cameron Berry, BC High, '25
  • Kensi Braithwaite, MHMS, '32
  • Mia Capaccioli, Quinnipiac University, '27
  • Daniel Dowd, Thayer Academy, '29
  • Theo Dowd, Thayer Academy, '25
  • Lily Fallon, Thayer Academy, '28
  • Arielle Kim, Dana Hall School, '26
  • Rhodes Lee, BC High, '25
  • Giovanni Marinilli, Rice University, '25
  • Bella Marinilli, Thayer Academy, '24
  • DJ Ormond, Le Moyne College, '23
  • Shaun Ormond, Holy Cross, '25
  • Max Ormond, BC High, '26
  • Garrett Poulin, Norwell High, '26
  • Maddie Ryan, UVM, '23
  • Evelyn Ryan, UNH, '24
  • Allison Ryan, Wheaton College, '26
  • Tavi Swisher-Rosa, South Shore Tech, '27
  • Levi Swisher-Rosa, MHMS, '30
  • Kai Swisher-Rosa, MHMS, '35
  • Ianna Tai, Thayer Academy, '25
  • Julia Yezukevich, Thayer Academy, '25